Ethan Kibbe

More cameras means better coverage. The best photographer I’ve ever worked with always stresses that video is half the story. Using seven cameras means viewers can get a better feel for the hearing; they can see how people act; they… Read More ›

Lee Coppola

Methinks seven cameras is a bit of an overkill. The hearings are important, but not the second coming of Christ.  One for the witness, one for the interrogator and one for an overall room shot seems sufficient to me. Lee… Read More ›

Paul Wieland

The use of seven cameras to cover the impeachment hearings is a classic case of overproduction. It’s tempting as an old tv producer and director to endorse this “more the merrier’ approach. But it subverts the real storytelling. Instead of… Read More ›

Rick Karnath

There will be less movement then when they use three. This will also allow for more reaction shots. An important part of our history is happening, and they need to capture everything. Rick Karnath is a lecturer in the Jandoli… Read More ›

Anna Bulszewicz

Having four more cameras indicates the production staff wants to be able to have multiple views at all times for reactive purposes on all the different focuses in the room. Maybe that’s audience members, personalities in the audience, anybody leading… Read More ›