Our Projects


PolitiFact Workshop:
Fact-check stories produced for PolitiFact by students in our workshop

Sharp Notes, Sharp Thoughts:
Video presentations, panel discussions and posts about the role music plays in social justice

Hybrid Journalism:
Collaborations by journalism professors and professors from other disciplines

Figures in Speech:
Suggestions for what makes a good speech from people who deliver, write, cover and study speeches

On the Road to Albany:
Commentary and analysis on New York State’s 2022 race for governor

Since you asked:
Questions for New York’s gubernatorial candidates

Media Studies Across Disciplines:
Research essays and panel discussions from professors connecting their work with the field of communication

Kent State:
Reflections from activists, academics and others on the 50th anniversary of the Kent State shootings

Twitter Chats:
Live Twitter discussions on timely and topical issues

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