Traditional media platforms remain important in today’s politics

By Patrick Scott

With the rise of the internet and new forms of media outlets, there has been shift in the importance of media outlets from which voters get information. Voters have shifted away from traditional media outlets, and thus are no longer needed. I do not believe that this conclusion is true.

With the younger generation of voters, the ability to access any type of resource or source of knowledge is infinite, but with the older generations of voters, this knowledge is much less refined, and they rely on the sources that they know how to use and are familiar with. In a 2021 survey, the Pew Research Center found that 76% of those surveyed who were 65 or older preferred to get their news from television, radio or a print publication compared to the 24% who said they preferred the use of digital devices.

Older voters make up a larger percentage of the number of voters who turn out for elections. Because of this, they are the ones who ultimately hold the share of power in elections. In order to sway the opinions of this sect of voters, it is important to reach out to them through their ways of getting information, through television ads, radio, or newspapers, so that they will learn about other candidates and maybe change who they will be voting for.

Patrick Scott was a student in Campaigns, Candidates and Current Elections, an honors course at St. Bonaventure University.

Categories: Jandoli Institute, Media, Politics

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