I’m a young voter: Here are the issues I’d like the media to cover

By Kristen Kessler

As a young voter, issues that affect me are unemployment and the cost of college. The media should cover these issues, so they are acknowledged and do not get worse.

An article by Mises Institute says, in the coming years, the rate of unemployment will rise as Congress raises the minimum wage, boosts Social Security taxes and increases benefits. This shows that unemployment will continue to rise as young adults like me enter the workforce. This is because fewer people want to work again as people will receive the benefits of unemployment. The media should cover this topic and make politicians consider practical solutions.

Young adults are often burdened with college debt for years after. According to Fee Stories, Americans owe more than $1.56 trillion in student loans and this cost continues to grow $80 billion every year. This helps show the need for the media to continue to cover this issue more so changes can be made since the debt will only increase in future years.

Overall, these two topics have been talked about but not put as a priority of discussion like I believe they should be. If they are not talked about with intentions to be fixed, the issue of unemployment and college costs will only increase.

Kristen Kessler was a student in Campaigns, Candidates and Current Elections, an honors course at St. Bonaventure University.

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