On the Road to Albany

Commentary and analysis from Jandoli Institute Executive Director Richard Lee on New York’s campaign for governor. Lee covered politics and government as a reporter and later served as Deputy Director of Communication for two New Jersey governors.

What’s next for Kathy Hochul? (Nov. 11)

Has the media already declared Lee Zeldin a winner of New York’s governor’s election? (Nov. 4)

What if we scored political debates and declared a winner? (Oct. 28)

A musical look at the race for governor in New York (Oct. 21)

It’s still the economy; it’s always the economy (Oct. 14)

As the baseball post-season begins, can Hochul and Zeldin capitalize on the success of the Mets and Yankees? (Oct. 7)

A look back at where the NY gov race stood in 2018 (Sept. 30)

Has Lee Zeldin changed the conversation? (Sept. 23)

It’s time to have a debate about debates again (Sept. 16)

A tale of two polls (Sept. 9)

A handshake and a look in the eye still matter (Sept. 1)

Zeldin takes Hochul’s advice and goes to Florida (but it’s Florida, New York) (Aug. 26)

Will Lee Zeldin have a ‘Paladino dilemma’ on his hands? (Aug. 19)

On Twitter, crime is the most popular topic for Hochul and Zeldin (Aug. 12)

One difference between Hochul and Zeldin is overlooked (Aug. 5)

Attack on Zeldin gives GOP candidate needed name recognition (July 29)

Hochul and Zeldin haven’t given up their day jobs (July 22)

Political campaigns should take a break the way baseball does (July 15)

Is a focus on crime a path to victory in NY? (July 8)

Hochul, Zeldin – and the Beatles? (July 1)

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