Sharp Notes Monday: ‘Out of Work’

A week ago today, two bombshell announcements shook the media world. Fox News suddenly parted ways with Tucker Carlson, and CNN did the same with Don Lemon. Both were high-profile media personalities who to many viewers were the faces of their networks.

Given their departures, we chose “Out of Work,” the 1982 Gary U.S. Bonds hit written by Bruce Springsteen, as this week’s Sharp Notes Monday selection.

While the song itself works well as our selection, the circumstances that made it a hit may hold another message for Carlson and Lemon. Bonds is someone whose career was revitalized long after his heyday. He had a string of popular recordings in the early 1960s,some of which inspired Springsteen and members of the E Street Band. The connected in the early 1980s and collaborated on two albums, bringing Bonds and his music (old and new) to a whole new generation.

A Springsteen connection is unlikely, but we probably have not seen the last of Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon.

As part of our “Sharp Notes, Sharp Thoughts” music and social media project, we share a song every Monday to start your week.

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