Sharp Notes Monday: ‘Authority Song’

In the refrain of Authority Song, John Mellencamp declares, “I fight authority, authority always wins.” It’s a line reminiscent of the Bobby Fuller Four lyrics, “I fought the law, and the law won.”

If Tennessee State Reps.Gloria Johnson,Justin Jones and Justin Pearson were singing either song recently, it would have been perfectly understandable. The trio found themselves on the outs after they staged a protest on the House floor calling for gun law reforms.Jones and Pearson were expelled from the House; Johnson survived survived expulsion by one vote.

Efforts are underway to try to return Jones and Pearson to their seats. For now, to paraphrase Mellencamp, they fought authority and authority won.

As part of our “Sharp Notes, Sharp Thoughts” music and social media project, we share a song every Monday to start your week.

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