Sharp Notes Monday: ‘She Works Hard for the Money’

While our Sharp Notes, Sharp Thoughts music and social media project was on hiatus for the summer, we shared a song every Monday to start your week. We’ve decided to make Sharp Notes Monday a permanent feature.

On Labor Day, as we acknowledge the efforts of our working men and women, Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard for the Money” is our choice for Sharp Notes Monday.

Not only does Summer’s 1983 hit single tell the story of a hard-working blue-collar woman; it was inspired by the singer’s encounter with an exhausted restroom attendant.

As Summer explained in 1986 on the television program You Write the Songs:

“There was a little lady sitting there with her head tilted to the side and she was just gone — she was asleep. And the TV was just blasting loud. And I looked at her and my heart just filled up with compassion for this lady, and I thought to myself, ‘God, she works hard for the money, cooped up in this stinky little room all night.’ “

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