State park attendance claim is checked in PolitiFact workshop

This semester’s PolitiFact workshop at St. Bonaventure University has produced its second story.

Meghan Hall fact-checked a statement by New York State Sen. Rob Ortt:

With the ongoing pandemic, our State Park attendance is at the highest it’s ever been.”

Ortt’s statement received a True rating. Click here to read Hall’s full story.

The workshop, conducted by PolitiFact Senior Correspondent Louis Jacobson and Jandoli Institute Executive Director Richard Lee, provides students with the opportunity to check facts and produce articles that appear on PolitiFact and PolitiFact New York, the organization’s New York edition, which is a partnership with the Buffalo News.

Since the program began in 2020, St. Bonaventure students have written 28 articles for PolitiFact, one of the nation’s leading fact-checking sites.

PolitiFact Senior Correspondent Lou Jacobson with St. Bonaventure students Jonny Walker and Cassidey Kavathas, who are among the participants in the Spring 2022 PolitiFact workshop.

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