Jandoli Institute Launches Hybrid Journalism Project

Inspired by physician-reporter partnerships used by major news organizations, the Jandoli Institute has launched a hybrid journalism project in which professors from different disciplines will partner with faculty from the Jandoli School of Communication to develop and produce news stories.

“The trend toward doctor-reporter hybrids generated little attention outside the news industry, but when the COVID-19 pandemic threw the nation into panic and turmoil, the ability for trained physicians to report on the virus helped Americans learn the severity of the crisis and the precautions needed to protect themselves,” Jandoli Institute Executive Director Richard Lee said.

As part of the project, five hybrid teams are developing news stories that will be published on the institute’s website.

“Each team will work in partnership to shape the ideas and concepts from the different disciplines into well-researched, well-reported and well-written journalism,” Lee said.

The hybrid projects are:

  • Alex Gilham, an assistant professor in the philosophy department, and Carole McNall, an assistant professor in the Jandoli School, will explore moral and ethical issues involving COVID-19 and individuals who refuse to be vaccinated.
  • Phillip Payne, chair of the history department, and Anne Lee, a lecturer in the Jandoli School, will examine today’s politics through the lens of culture wars, focusing on the intersection of history and popular culture in identity politics.
  • Paula Scraba, an associate professor in the physical education department, and Denny Wilkins, a professor in the Jandoli School, will attempt to answer the question “Has Title IX Been Effective?”
  • John Stevens, a lecturer in the management department, and David Kassnoff, a lecturer in the Jandoli School, will study the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the working environment of businesses.
  • Xiao-Ning Zhang, a professor in the biology department, and Pauline Hoffmann, an associate professor in the Jandoli School, will use Cattaraugus County health care data to provide insights on common health conditions in the county and recommendations for potential improvement.

“Our goal is for the non-journalism faculty to gain insight into our industry and for the journalism faculty to learn how those with knowledge and expertise in different fields can strengthen our reporting,” Lee said.

“I applaud Dr. Lee and his colleagues for developing this innovative collaboration,” said Aaron Chimbel, dean of the Jandoli School. “The Jandoli Institute under his leadership has led the way in interdisciplinary scholarship at St. Bonaventure. I look forward to the exciting scholarship.”

After all articles are posted, the Jandoli Institute will conduct a panel discussion about the project.

The institute’s hybrid journalism project is funded by a grant from the Leo E. Keenan Jr. Faculty Development Endowment.

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