Why we SHOULD talk about politics during holiday gatherings

By Addison Gremli

When it comes to making conversation, politics is a controversial topic. People often have a closed mind set when it comes to politics, but there is always an opposing opinion, that if presented with civility can be eye opening and at the very least informative to the ideas of others.

In what ways have people become closed minded about politics?

The media has influenced many people’s views as campaigns have become more negative. As a way of trying to sway people without a strict Democratic or Republican view, negative campaigning has been used. Candidates have been known to tear down their opponents in negative ways, according to Jandoli Institute Executive Director Richard Lee wrote. This leads people to choosing sides and thinking that the other side is wrong. As American politics are at an all-time low, there is no harm in discussing them.

The benefits of talking about politics at the dinner table is to gain another viewpoint. Not everyone is going to agree about certain topics but being able to respect others is an important quality to have. Keeping an open mind is beneficial when it comes to viewing the world and recognizing that everyone is different.

Talking about politics, especially with your family, should be a safe activity to do. People can open mindedly share their thoughts and opinions without being shamed for what they genuinely think. People should feel comfortable talking about their political views, even if not everyone agrees with them.

Addison Gremli was a student in Campaigns, Candidates and Current Elections, an honors course at St. Bonaventure University.

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