It’s time to enact restrictions on paparazzi

By Cameron Perks

Is it okay to put a constant line of stress and constantly poke at the bubble of privacy toward people who we see as celebrities?

Paparazzi should have a higher standard of restrictions when they are trying to get their next big story. A restriction should be put into place in which people can fight back against the stalking of big stars. If it can be proven that some of these photographers are following some of these people to an obnoxious extent, the state could put restrictions on them for stalking.

How far is too far? Sometimes they are a danger to others but also themselves. “In January, a photographer who had been chasing Justin Bieber’s white Ferrari on a Los Angeles highway was hit by a car and killed,” Sean Burke from The Paparazzi Reform Initiative said. You do not need to argue the ethics of this when other people’s lives are on the line for reckless actions.

Celebrities are human just like the common person. One could argue that they forfeited their privacy at the expense of their fame or that they knew what they were getting into. It is hard to think of them as anything other than your favorite superhero, but they have the same type of privacy, as in people cannot breach a private residence, that everyone in the states is given.

Cameron Perks is a student in a Media and Democracy class at St. Bonaventure University.

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