A media company becomes the story

By Ty Johnson

COVID-19 has forced businesses across the world to face new challenges. In the United States, businesses deemed essential are able to stay open, but certainly not under normal conditions. Businesses deemed non-essential cannot operate at all.

One essential business, Charter Communications, more commonly known as Spectrum, cannot seem to stay out of hot water. Spectrum is receiving backlash for its handling of the challenges posed by COVID-19. A number of Spectrum employees have outlined and criticized Spectrum’s handling of the situation. Said criticism and other details have been brought forth to the public in a New York Times article, Spectrum Employees Are Getting Sick Amid Debate Over Working From Home, written by Rachel Abrams.

Understandably, some of Spectrum’s employees, such as field technicians and engineers, cannot do their jobs remotely. However, Spectrum is receiving backlash for its policies surrounding its call center employees. According to Abrams’ article, even though the employees would be able to fulfill their jobs remotely, Spectrum has opted to not fully transition their remote-capable employees to remote working.

Regardless of the rationale behind this management decision, not allowing all remote-capable employees to work remotely is an unnecessary risk to not only said employees and their families, but the communities around them as a whole.

Spectrum has since made statements, which can be found in Abrams’ article, claiming to have reduced the number of employees working in office. However, as stated before, having any remote-capable employee work in person is an unnecessary risk that should not be taken lightly in these trying times.

Ty Johnson is a student in a Media and Democracy class at St. Bonaventure University.

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