Lee Coppola: ‘Bloodshed over differences of opinion has no place in a democracy’

Perhaps at no better time in recent history does the Ken State shootings teach us a lesson. When some think the division in our country has opened a chasm too deep to heal, it’s worth remembering what happened when such a chasm gripped the nation a half century ago.  

Then it was the Vietnam War War, pitting mostly youthful protestors against supposedly wiser and sager military and political leaders.  And, unfortunately, it took the unfathomable killing of college students to open the eyes of the populace to what possibly lay ahead for the country.  

Today, as protestors carry weapons to rail against government edicts, Kent State stands out to hopefully convince us that bloodshed over differences of opinion has no place in a democracy.  

Lee Coppola, a former dean of the Jandoli School of Communication at St. Bonaventure University, also worked as a newspaper reporter, a TV investigative reporter and an Assistant U.S. Attorney.

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