What is the media covering in the Super Tuesday states?

Here is a look at what the media is covering in the Super Tuesday states. The overview was compiled by students in a Media and Democracy course at St. Bonaventure University

Alabama: Delegates: 61 (52 pledged, 9 super)

Five things to know about Tuesday’s primary election in Alabama AnnistonStar.com, March 1

Super Tuesday 2020: Which Democratic presidential candidate is predicted to win Alabama primary? AL.com, Feb 27

Bernie Sanders’s Super Tuesday Problem The Hill.com, Feb. 18

Who is the leading Democrat in Alabama? AL.com, Feb. 14

Arkansas: Delegates: 36 (31 pledged, 5 super)

Poll: Bloomberg holds slim lead among logjam in Arkansas Democratic Presidential primary

Arkansas could play a major role in the 2020 presidential primaries

Where the 2020 Democrats stand in Super Tuesday polls

California: Delegates: 494 (415 pledged)

Who Will Win California’s Democratic Primary? June 7, 2019

Colorado: Delegates: 67

5 things to know about the Colorado primary — and caucus

Maine: Delegates: 32

Can Warren Count on Massachusetts on Super Tuesday? Feb. 12

Here’s who’s on the Massachusetts ballots for the 2020 presidential primaries

Who will win the Massachusetts primary?

Minnesota: Delegates: 92

No, Amy Klobuchar Is Not Responsible for Minnesota’s High Voter Turnout Feb. 19

Klobuchar wants credit for Minnesota’s consistently high turnout Feb. 19

Minnesota lawmakers scramble to address voter privacy ahead of Super Tuesday Jan. 29

Is Amy Klobuchar a shoo-in in home state Minnesota on Super Tuesday? Feb. 20

Poll: Klobuchar leads in Minnesota, followed by Sanders and Warren Feb. 24

Minnesota Polls Feb. 26

North Carolina: Delegates: 110

Biden keeps sliding in new North Carolina poll as another candidate edges toward lead

North Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary

Bernie takes North Carolina

North Carolina 2020: Biden with Early Lead on Trump and Democratic Primary Field

Three front-runners in tight race for North Carolina Democratic primary, polls show

Oklahoma: Delegates: 42

Oklahoma elections, 2020

Oklahoma Primary Election Results 2020

Presidential candidates step up activity in Oklahoma as Super Tuesday approaches

Early voting begins for presidential primary election in Oklahoma; here’s what to know

Election 2020 – Oklahoma Democratic Primary

Tennessee: Delegates: 73

New polling projects Sen. Bernie Sanders to win Tennessee Democratic Primary

Tennessee Dems push to move up presidential primary

Jane Sanders: Bernie’s electability in Tennessee shouldn’t be questioned

Bloomberg blames Bernie Bros for vandalism in his TN office

Texas: Delegates: 261 (228 pledged Delegates, 33 superdelegates)

Democrats think campaigning on health care will flip an Austin-area U.S. House seat. But will the nominee also need star power? Feb. 20

TribCast, special edition: Our pollsters analyze the latest UT/TT Poll on primary races and issues in Texas Feb. 19

Can’t wait to vote for Trump? Dying to support Bernie? Early voting starts in Texas. Feb. 18

Texas can play a big role in this presidential primary, for a change Feb. 18

Texas has record voter numbers, but primary schedule makes it hard for presidential contenders to mobilize them Feb. 15

Bernie Sanders brings his revolution to Mesquite, says he’ll beat Trump Feb. 14

Utah: Delegates: 35 (29 pledged, 6 super)

Bernie Sanders plans a Utah visit before Tuesday’s vote, The Salt Lake Tribune, Feb. 26

After Iowa chaos, gratitude for Utah’s switch back to presidential primary, Deseret News, Feb. 4

Mike Bloomberg ‘weathered the storm’ in his first Democratic presidential debate, Deseret News, Feb. 19

With Super Tuesday looming, voting ramps up across Utah, Desert News, Feb. 18

Bloomberg campaign sees an open door after Romney’s Trump vote, The Salt Lake Tribune, Feb. 10

Bernie Sanders leading in Utah Democratic poll, The Salt Lake Tribune, Jan. 27

Utah’s unaffiliated voters need to act quickly to participate in Super Tuesday, The Salt Lake Tribune, Jan. 4

Vermont: Delegates: 24 (16 pledged, 8 super)

2020 Vermont Democratic Primary  270towin Feb. 18

2020 Democratic Primary: Who will win the Vermont primary? FiveThirtyEight

Registration for Vermont 2020 Democratic presidential primary open Burlington Free Press, Jan. 21

Where 2020 candidates stand in Super Tuesday polls TheHill, Feb. 12

Vermont for Buttigieg? Meet the voters opting for other candidates in Bernie’s home state BurlingtonFreePress, Feb. 23

Sanders to hold rally in Vermont on Super Tuesday VTDigger, Feb. 25

Virginia: Delegates: 124 (99 pledged, 25 unpledged)

Primary expert weighs in on the importance of Virginia’s vote

Bloomberg and Sanders Head-to-Head Among Virginia Primary Voters

Poll: Bloomberg, Sanders, Biden top the Democratic field in Virginia

Recent poll says only 1 in 4 Virginia voters firm about choice

Will Virginia Democrats bite the billionaire who fed them?

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