Jandoli School experts differ on TV coverage of impeachment hearing

(Photo by Layne Dowdall)

If you sensed something different about Wednesday’s coverage of the impeachment hearing, you were right.

C-SPAN, which provided pool coverage of the hearing, used seven cameras. Congressional hearings usually warrant just three cameras.

We asked broadcasting experts from the Jandoli School of Communication to weigh in on the use of the extra cameras, and their opinions varied widely.

Anna Bulszewicz: The extra cameras will make for better team coverage and provide for the ability to capture an incredible moment. Read more

Lee Coppola: Methinks seven cameras is a bit of an overkill. Read more

Michael Spong: The use of seven cameras allows more eyes and ears in the room. To capture the full emotion and reaction of an audience, every corner needs to be captured. Read more

Paul Wieland: The use of seven cameras to cover the impeachment hearings is a classic case of overproduction. Read more

Rick Karnath: An important part of our history is happening, and they need to capture everything. Read more

Ethan Kibbe: Using seven cameras means viewers can get a better feel for the hearing; they can see how people act; they almost feel as if they’re there. Read more

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