What was left out of the discussion

During the debate, I found it surprising that three topics weren’t talked about all too much: race relations, foreign affairs, and the environment/climate change.

Essentially, I feel that these are important topics that voters want to hear about that were missed out on by the moderators.

One of the largest issues that went relatively unmentioned was that of race relations in America. It is one of the most controversial topics that we are currently faced with as a nation, and only two thirds of the candidates were asked questions about this. So why is this? It may be because there was a plethora of questions that needed to be asked, but the looming question is how can this not be asked about to every candidate. Surely, we as citizens want to know what each candidates’ policies and stances on race relations will be.

The next topic that went largely undiscussed was that of foreign affairs. Essentially, only those who are leading in the polls were asked about foreign affairs. With what is happening with our current president, foreign affairs are extremely important to understand. These candidates should be informed about this issue, so they don’t face the same repercussions as President Donald J. Trump. They need to know what is going on across the world, who to talk with and what their limits of power are.

Lastly, one of the most important topics that wasn’t discussed during this debate was that of climate change. Because we live in such an important time where we need to act on behalf of climate change, it is surprising that it was barely discussed. One of the explanations is that there was a Town Hall dedicated completely to climate change just a few days before, but that shouldn’t be an excuse, especially in a Democratic presidential debate.

The topics of race, foreign affairs and climate change not being discussed all too much is actually shocking, seeing that these three are important topics that voters seem to want to hear more about. Alas, they discussed economy, economy, economy — the only thing that anyone seems to every worry about.

— Ian Joseph

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