Elizabeth Warren makes an impact

A candidate who stood out during the Sept. 12 Democratic debate was Elizabeth Warren. Her words managed to make an impact even though they mostly came during rebuttals. According to the class debate tracking results, six rebuttals by Warren were recorded. In order for her to express her opinion on certain issues, she had no choice but to do so by rebutting. This is because she was not asked the same questions as some of the other candidates were.

Placing aside the valid assumption that Warren’s gender contributed to that, it is important to focus on how she handled it. Warren’s words were extremely opinionated and very well executed. Viewers are more willing to believe and listen to someone who is obviously stable in their beliefs, values and opinions. An example of her stability during the debate is how she knew her facts; she used solid statistics to back up what she claimed. More specifically, Warren’s opening included a statistic; this really proved to the audience that she wasn’t making promises based on empty reasoning.

Another example of how her strength made an impact during the debate was her emphasis on the power of the people. No matter what policy she was standing up for, she never failed to tie it back to the people of America and what they want. Her choice to do so successfully contrasted the current importance placed on large corporations and the ignorance of government corruption.

Overall, the Sept. 12 Democratic debate made it clear that Warren used both strategy and genuine passion to represent herself in her moments of publicity. Instead of cracking under the pressure of the debate, she rose above it, and America definitely noticed; Warren is now leading the 2020 polls (Durkee, 2019).

— Samantha Garretson

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Durkee, A. (2019, October 9). Elizabeth Warren Is Officially Leading the 2020 Polls. Retrieved October 11, 2019, from https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/10/elizabeth-warren-2020-polls-frontrunner.

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