Welcome to the Jandoli Institute

Welcome to the Jandoli Institute, a new research center that will focus on the intersection of media and democracy.

Based in the Jandoli School of Communication at St. Bonaventure University, the Jandoli Institute will explore today’s media landscape through research studies, op-ed articles, social media, speaking engagements, commentary, analysis and other platforms. Dr. Richard Lee, an associate professor in the Jandoli School, serves as the institute’s executive director.

The Jandoli Institute website features articles from Jandoli School faculty, alumni and students, as well contributions from scholars outside the St. Bonaventure community. The institute will conduct several activities during the fall, including radio programs, workshops and Twitter chats. The institute also will co-sponsor, with TAPinto Greater Olean, an Oct. 22 debate between the candidates for New York’s 57th District State Senate seat.

The reasons for establishing the institute are twofold:

  • First, the growth of the internet and social media have radically altered the manner in which news and information are gathered, reported and consumed. Because a healthy democracy requires a healthy media, it is important to carefully examine today’s media landscape and identify and explore ways to ensure that the media continues to play a constructive role in our nation’s democracy.
  • Secondly, St. Bonaventure has an opportunity to emerge as a leading voice on media issues. Jandoli School faculty, alumni and students are accomplished, knowledgeable and creative. The institute will serve as a vehicle to pro-actively showcase the Jandoli School community – through research studies, op-ed articles, social media, speaking engagements, commentary and analysis and other platforms. Increasing awareness of the Jandoli School’s work will attract students and increase enrollment.

For more information, visit the institute web site at https://jandoliinstitute.wordpress.com/ or email jandoli@sbu.edu.

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