Archive: Richard Lee’s WSBU Radio Shows

A Musical Look at the Impeachment Hearings (11/25/19)

Ret. MSG Francisco Morales and Vernon ‘Longhorn’ Davis, a fourth-generation Army veteran, about Veterans Day with music (11/11/19)

Cameron Hurst and music about Election Day (11/4/19)

Mike Jones-Kelley and music about Brexit (10/28/19)

Editors of The Bona Venture and music (10/21/19)

Jandoli School Dean Aaron Chimbel and music (10/14/19)

The President’s Phone Call (9/30/19)

The Importance of Independent Campus Media (9/16/19)

The Who’s ‘Tommy’ as a presidential candidate (5/24/19)

A musical look at the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates (5/17/19)

White Album Show – A show on the Beatles






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