Denny Wilkins

Many a time students have said to me, “I’ve got to give a presentation before an audience and I’m so nervous. What can I do?” My advice is always just two words: Speak slowly. So why speak slowly, they ask…. Read More ›

Robert McCarthy

When I attended St. Joseph’s School in Scotia, Sister Lourdes Marie picked me (a mere sixth grader) to compete against eighth graders in a Catholic youth group debate in Albany. The topic: Teen-aged Freedoms and Responsibilities. I wrote out my… Read More ›

Kathy Hochul

Kathy Hochul is Governor of the State of New York. These speech tips were sent to the Jandoli Institute while she was Lieutenant Governor. Back to ‘Figures in Speech’ Main Page

Brad Lawrence

A speech is telling a story. Personal anecdotes help, but should be used sparingly. There can/should be a vision or theme- tied together and fleshed out by the substance. Preferably the opening and the closing connect as bookends. Try to… Read More ›

Bob Mahon

A great speech should tickle the ear; engage the mind; and stir the soul. A speech should begin with, and focus on, one key point, and conclude with an appeal to action. Speeches should have rhythm and flow; follow (but… Read More ›

Mary Caffrey

For length, err on the side of short. No one will criticize you for giving a short speech. Think homilies at the Jersey Shore in August. Ask the person giving the speech two things: (1) what is THE central idea… Read More ›