Michael Riccards

Are political conventions valuable?

Even before the pandemic, the national political conventions had become more spectacle than news. We asked presidential scholar Michael Riccards if there is a value of bringing parties’ leaders and delegates together to officially nominate their candidates for president and… Read More ›

Do we know him?

By Michael P. Riccards He was a media personality, but not a professional politician. When he was called to the highest office in the land, he had no experience at top level politics. He was a notorious womanizer, married but… Read More ›

A proposal for heroes

By Michael P. Riccards In 1944, Congress and President Franklin D. Roosevelt approved the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act, commonly known as the GI Bill. Originated by the American Legion, the act provided a series of benefits for returning veterans. Only about… Read More ›