Jandoli Institute will start monthly music and social justice podcast series

The Jandoli Institute will add a series of monthly podcasts to its Sharp Notes. Sharp Thoughts music and social justice project.

“The podcasts will make it possible to expand and enhance our exploration of the connection between music and social justice,” said Richard Lee, executive director of the institute.

Lee and Paul Ziek, chair of the Department of Media, Communications, and Visual Arts at Pace University, have recorded an introductory podcast. Starting in February, members of the Sharp Notes. Sharp Thoughts will take turns hosting monthly podcasts.

“The podcasts will give each member of the team an opportunity to delve deeper into their topics,” Ziek said,

The institute launched the Sharp Notes, Sharp Thoughts project in October 2020 as a series of monthly presentations that followed the format of academic conferences: The group completed the series in May 2021 and presented its findings in October at the New York State Communication Association conference in Callicoon, New York.

Sharp Notes, Sharp Thoughts Podcast No. 1: An Introduction

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